"Daimen Jones is an excellent herd scanning technician. He was extremely quick and efficient, pregnancy scanning our herd of 450 cows. His accuracy in dating our cows has saved us a huge amount of time during calving this season as it has allowed us to make management decisions as to which cows to send away for grazing based on their calving dates. We will definitely be using Daimen and Ultra-Scan again in the future and highly recommend his work."
- Russell & Nadine Meade

"Being able to test four weeks after the bulls have been removed and getting 100% results is a huge advantage for early culling and calving patterns the following season.”

- Derek Lugton, Walton


Pregnancy Scanning is a key factor for farm planning and to maximise profitability. It is a time efficient process causing minimal stress to cows and heifers.

Using the latest ultra-sound technology for bovine pregnancy diagnosis, Ultra-Scan takes pride in our Ultra-Scan Franchisees being experts in pregnancy diagnosis, and delivering an accurate and efficient service.

The scan can take place as early as 30 days after conception. We can accurately date the age of the foetus between 30-90 days after conception, providing our clients with critical farm management information relating to calving spreads and which cows have held to AB.

Scanning with Ultra-Scan

Ultra-Scan uses portable, state of the art equipment so herds can be scanned during milking on a rotary platform, between milkings in a herringbone cow shed, and heifers can be scanned in yards (no electricity required).

Approximately 200 cows can be scanned per hour minimising the time that cows are away from pasture and reducing loss of milk production time. And we use two technicians on larger herd minimising the time the cows are away from pasture.

Benefits of Scanning with Ultra-Scan

  • Scanning is the main focus of Ultra-Scan
  • Ultra-Scan technicians are scanning specialists, scanning in excess of 600,000 cows per season
  • No hidden cost (no travel charged)
  • Reports delivered within 24 hours
  • Relatively stress free process for the animals
  • Local People with local knowledge

Pre-Mating Scan

  • Confirms which cows are cycling normally and identifies cows which may have cysts, mummified calves or infection in the uterus
  • Helps reduce your empty rate.
  • Early diagnosis of uterine infections
  • Identify non-cycling cows as opposed to those with quiet heats and treat only those not cycling
  • A cow that is cycling and free of complications is likely to get in calf sooner, meaning more days in milk
  • Increased fertility will result in a more compact calving pattern, meaning cows have longer to recover from mating so more cows will be ready for AB
  • Identify non-cycling cows as evidence of cycling and non-cycling can be seen on the screen. The early identification and treatment of non-cycling cows allows time for your affected cows to be inseminated at least twice during a normal 42-day AB period
  • Detect and treat deep-set infections; many infection detection systems only take a sample from around the vulva. Ultra-sound detects deep seated uterine infections that dramatically reduce herd fertility

Six-Week Scan

  • Confirmation of ovulation
  • Early identification of non-pregnant cows – critical information for management decisions
  • Confirmation of AB sires (replacement calves) and natural sires (terminal calves)
  • Confirm date of pregnancy – early dating confirms which animals have held to AB
  • Accurate dating of embryos between 30 and 90 days after conception
  • Calving spread of herd for budget purposes
  • Identification non-cycling cows (anoestrus)
  • An In-calf Certificate provided for herd sales
  • Results are recorded electronically and our systems are compatible with the Ambreed INSIGHT program or with LIC MINDA PRO. Results can be uploaded direct to your farm records
  • Reports are produced in both calving order and tag order, and are available within 24 hours of the scan
  • Dated information on MINDA and INSIGHT will help create a meaningful Fertility Focus Report (this is the report which is the basis of the Dairy NZ In-Calf programme)