Farm Services

Ultra-Scan Farm Services

Ultra-Scan offers a number of other farm services, freeing up your time to undertake other important tasks on the farm.

  • DNA Sampling
  • Spare Teat Removal
  • Vaccinations
  • Tagging
  • Elastration of Bull Calves

“These friendly, competent and professional people perform our farm dehorning and scanning. We would not consider using anyone else but Ultra-Scan.”

- Jared & Rochelle Matthews, Castlerock Dairies Lumsden

DNA Sampling

  • DNA is the most accurate way of confirmed a calf's parentage.
  • Sampling is undertaken while disbudding calves.
  • We organise to courier the sample to LIC.
  • If you have your herd profiles there is no need to match the calf to dam in the paddock.
  • We can tag the calf as we take the sample.
  • Eliminates the hassle and potential inaccuracies.

Spare Teat Removal

  • The removal of spare teats reduces possible mastitis and cupping problems, and also improves production and appearance
  • Quick procedure completed during disbudding
  • Hygienic removal with antiseptic spray applied


  • Calves can be vaccinated while be disbudded; you supply the vaccine and we do the work.

Convenient Tagging

  • Electronic Tags position correctly minimising the loss of tags or ripping to the ear.
  • Quick and efficient procedure completed while the calf is in the crate for disbudding.

Elastration of Bull Calves

Sheep, Goats and Deer Scanning

External scanning suitable for sheep, goats and deer is an additional service offered through Ultra-Scan King Country. Time efficient with minimal stress for the animals and using the latest ultra-sonic external scanning equipment.


Kid Disbudding

Kid disbudding using the same technology and systems as used for calf disbudding is an additional service offered through Ultra-Scan King Country and Ultra-Scan Eastern Waikato. Hygienic and efficient, saving you time and energy during a busy time of the year.